One Room Challenge 2021- Week 2

It’s Week 2 of the One Room Challenge and I feel unproductive and productive all at the same time!

Material Selection

I have not made an overwhelming sweeping progress but my success comes in the way of material selections, research, and thrifted finds.

I have take this week to design, research and select the materials that I will use for the project. Starting first, and most dramatically, with the paint color. I love this dark teal from Benjamin Moore called Dark Harbor. I have chosen this color as my main backdrop to add a moody yet vibrant feel to the space.

To contrast the dark teal I want to incorporate a white faux marble for my desk top. I am leaning towards using an epoxy countertop kit to achieve this look. I am still evaluating which kit will best suit my project.


Other than DIY, my other favorite pastimes are thrifting and junk’in. I love the hunt for the perfect piece and I love giving new life to a discarded item. You will be surprised by the absolute gems that you can find for little to no money which allows you to stay in budget and also add a unique item to your design.

I typically thrift with a project in mind and last week I thrifted with this project at the forefront of my hunt. At an estate sale I spotted this well loved wooden level (that still works). This goes perfectly with my aesthetic and was only $5! This will make for a one of a kind wall hanging or shelf display.

I continued to dig and I found some more amazing pieces including this brass desk lamp for only $2 (yes, you read that right!). I will reuse the lamp and will add a wireless LED bulb to it. I also found these miscellaneous old brass hooks that I can attach to a piece of wood to not only make a cool statement piece but also have a function.

Flip it

One of the design elements for this space is a flat file filing cabinet reminiscent of an architectural filing cabinet. I love the look of the flat file and love the nod to my profession. I have looked for the real thing and they are upwards of thousands of dollars and a hot commodity to find. I am also looking for something with a bit more functionality. The flat files have a very specific purpose to hold unrolled blue prints or maps in a shallow drawer of only 3-4 inches. I would like something with more storage. So why not make it myself?

I have never constructed a set of drawers and with the 8 week deadline I did not want to try something so specific. So, I sought out to find a furniture piece that I can flip to look like a flat file. I searched thrift stores, looked at online sources to no avail, and then one day there it was. A nearby thrift store was selling all filing cabinets for $5, and yeah you read that right too. A friend of mine contacted the store and put it on hold until she could pick it up.

It’s perfect. The perfect size, height, shape, and in good condition…for ONLY $5. I can’t get over that!

Now that I have the piece secured I need to decide on a design direction. Do I paint it, stain it, or a combination of the two? I need to also buy hardware and I can’t wait for it to all come together. I would love to hear your ideas!

Up Next


  • Week 2 – Finish Selections and Details
  • Week 3 – Paint Walls and Start on Flat File Cabinet
  • Week 4 – Frame Desk
  • Week 5 -Epoxy Pour 
  • Week 6 – Floating Shelves and Gallery Wall
  • Week 7 -Flex Week and Final Details
  • Week 8 – June (24 – 27) Final Room Reveals!

As a Reminder

Don’t forget to check back on the One Room Challenge website weekly to see updates from the other guest Participants.

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If you missed it, check out my Week One update!

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