One Room Challenge 2021- Week 1

I am so excited to participate in my first One Room Challenge and I can’t wait to share my ideas for this challenge!

A Little About Me

My name is Andrea. I am a mom of two young boys and an Architectural Designer by profession. Last year, at the start of the pandemic, we purchased our first family home. Since then, I have combined my passions for design, and my obsession with construction into a DIY home reno hobby. I am transforming one space at a time and learning new techniques and tools along the way. I share my DIY journey on social media and more in-depth tutorials here on my blog.

The “Room”

I, like many others, have been working remotely from home, and almost a year later I am still working from my “temporary office.” Aka a random desk we found, with my computer, and a huge unorganized mess.

I have the option to continue working remotely and it’s time for me to upgrade to a proper office. I have chosen to turn this sad blank space into a functional office.

My Inspiration

My uncle, Wayne Garcia, is an artist and contractor in Key West, FL specializing in intaglio wood carvings. We share a love for design, architecture, Key West History, and construction and he recently gifted me one of my favorite carvings of his.

This carving is especially meaningful because it depicts the construction of a Conch House that is architecture typical to Key West. I love the historical references, vivid colors, and textures that this piece has. It has inspired me to create a space that is vibrant, raw, a little whimsical, with a nod to historical and antique items, and it incorporates design and construction.

Design Board

Using my inspirational art piece as my focal point, I want to design a space that celebrates an eclectic vibe with intention. I want to highlight and mix textures by bringing in natural wood elements, marbling, and gold/brass metallic accents. I want a vibe that has some whimsy but will be functional for my everyday use. I want to create a mood the sparks creativity. Comfort and storage are also top priorities.

Design Elements

DIY’ing is my jam and I plan on designing, creating, and building many aspects of this project. I will mix curated items (new and old) with these DIY elements to create my dream space.

Here are some of the projects that I have in mind:

  • DIY Faux Marble Desk Top
  • DIY or Antique/Thrifted Architectural Flat File Cabinet
  • DIY Floating Wood Shelves or Bookshelf
  • Accent Wall- Painted or Peel and Stick Wallpaper
  • Gallery Wall
  • Decorative Lighting – New central light fixture and accent/task lighting
  • Antique or Thrifted Finds- architectural/construction related
  • Seating

Inspirational Spaces

Spring 2021 Guest Participants

I am so excited to be a Spring 2021 Guest Participant and look forward to being inspired by the other participants. If you are interested in seeing the process and learning more, follow the ORC Blog.

Spring 2021 Wk1.jpg

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