DIY Wireless Pendant

Do you have a light fixture but no electrical connection? Or are you afraid of working with electrical? Not to worry, all you need is a wireless puck light, and some glue. You don’t need fancy tools or a YouTube degree.

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This project couldn’t be simpler. You only need a few supplies and a light fixture.

Step One

Choose an All Purpose Glue similar to DAP RapidFuse to adhere the puck light to the light fixture. These puck lights have a removable back plate which will make it easy to unscrew and replace batteries as needed.

Make sure the puck light is well secured.

That’s really it! There’s nothing much to it.

Step Two

Hang and secure the light fixture per the manufacturers recommendations. You do not need the electrical components for this project. You can secure them away in the fixture or you can carefully snip them off.

The coolest feature of this wireless battery operated puck light is that it has a remote control and also color changing abilities

Is absolutely love how this project is turning out! Please check back for more details about this kids room renovation and follow me on Instagram for day to day project updates.

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