One Room Challenge 2021- Week 3

It’s Week 3 of the One Room Challenge and I can see the space starting to come to life!

Let There be Paint

I will preface this blog post by saying that I hate painting. I alway make a mess, it always take more time than I plan, and I’m very impatient. This time around I wanted my experience to be different so I researched and purchased a few tools to help make painting a bit easier.

My Favorite Painting Supplies

  1. Painters Tape– I like using Green Frog
  2. Paint stick
  3. Good Quality Paint- I used Sherwin Williams Showcase in Eggshell
  4. Hand Held Paint Tray- I like the ease of carrying it around and not having to deal with an awkward larger tray or the mess of dipping it in the paint can.
  5. Paint Shield– To help with trimming and edging
  6. Plastic Drop Cloth– Because, well I’m messy
  7. Paint Lid with Pour Spout– This is exactly what it says it is and works really well.
  8. Trim Pad– This worked so well!
  9. Pre-Taped Painters Plastic– A little finicky but works well
  10. Paint Roller– I’m yet find the perfect one. This one was ok.
  11. Paint Tray
  12. Angled Brush– Great for trim work

Get Prepped

For me, prepping the space is a crucial step in the process. I am a messy painter. Think paint in my hair, my clothes ruined, and paint on every surface I touch (more specifically every non-paint needing surface).

For this project I chose to go overboard with the preparation to hopefully insure a mess-free-ish project. With an extremely dark paint color it was crucial to be extra careful.

Here are My Top 3 Things I do to Prep:

  1. Fill Holes – I used DAP Eclipse Rapid Repair Patches. Check out my recent blog post on how to use the patches.
  2. Take off receptacle plates– Tape off the electrical box.
  3. Cover every surface- I used drop clothes to protect the floor, I taped off the trim using painters tape, and I used the pre-taped plastic to protect the trim work on the cases opening and adjacent wall.

It’s Time to Paint

Ready or not it’s time to paint!

We have all of our supplies, our space is prepped, and now it’s time to recruit help 😁. My son was so excited to help and I couldn’t resist his eagerness. Less work for me right? Or is it?

I always start a painting project by trimming out the edges. This work is precise and with the right tools, like the trim pad and paint shield, it makes the job a lot easier. It was still messy, I can’t lie, and I’m still anxious to rip up the tape so see if we had any bleeds.

We then used a roller to fill on the larger space.

For this project I am using Benjamin Moore’s Dark Harbour tinted 25% darker .

The Good, Bad, and Ugly

Here are somethings I learned so far about this project:

  • A pint of paint will NOT paint two small walls. Back to the store I go…
  • You more than likely need to paint a second or third coat.
  • Kids are messy painters, but get a lot done.
  • The pre-taped plastic drop cloth works well but the plastic easily gets caught in the tape if done too quickly.
  • When using the paint shield make sure it’s kept clean if not it will smear and cause more damage than good.
  • Beware of streaks when using a dark paint color. I’m still trying to remedy the issue.
  • Give yourself time and don’t rush it!

Follow Along

Follow myself and the rest of the One Room Challenge participants here for weekly updates.

Check out my Week One and Week Two for more information about the project.

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