How-to Create Visual Interest in a Space

How do you add layers of visual interest into a space?

For my recent powder room refresh I have chosen to layer colors, patterns, and textures together to bring this space to life. Here are three easy ways to layer visual interest into a space:

{The following photos include affiliate links} Click the photo to be taken to my page where you can shop these looks!

#1 Color:


For this bathroom refresh I chose to highlight the existing dusty blue color by going monochromatic with the color pallet and I painted the vanity blue to match the walls. By choosing to go monochrome with my pallet it layered a very similar color upon color. This effect gives a cohesive look while also giving the space a moody vibe.

#2 Pattern:

Give me all the crazy, bold, and geometric patterns!

To add some pizzazz to the monochromatic tone, I chose a lovely patterned wallpaper to bring in another layer of deep color and pattern. Even though this powder room is very small if feel that adding a busy pattern keeps your eye moving through out the space and gives the illusion of being larger than life. It is also creates a special moment that instantly grasps your attention.

For me, this Dandelion print from @roommatesdecor was made for this space!

#3 Texture:

For me, texture can be added as the little jewels within a space. Texture can come in the form of metallic finishes, ornate details, or by introducing different materials.

In this space, I sprinkled in some metallic gold elements with the hardware, faucet, and accessories. You can find links to my recent posts about my favorite vanity light fixtures and my favorite cabinet hardware for this project.

Lastly, I found some gorgeous detailed wood frames at a thrift store with water color paintings. I am pairing these frames with other thrifted pieces to create a floor-to-ceiling gallery wall.

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