My Favorite Vanity Lights: The Brassy-Gold Edition

I am renovating our powder room and I’ve been looking for the perfect vanity sconce light fixture. I want a three-pronged, gold-ish brass fixture with a modern clear or white shade.

After looking long and hard, I have narrowed down my favorite fixtures.

{The following photos include affiliate links} Click the photo to be taken to my page where you can shop these looks!

Let’s Light it Up

This modern brass fixture is a great mix of classic thin rail with a sleek glass shade.

I love the up-turned shades and the addition of the frosted white. The rectangular bar and base adds a bit of weight to the piece. I wonder if this could be mounted facing up or down?

The angled frosted white shades are what what really draw me to this modern fixture.

This down-turned fixture is very simple and elegant. The clear glass shades highlight the brass structure and lines.

This is another of my favorites and the turned-downed white domed shades are everything!!!

This one is so unique! The teardrop accent highlights the round globe shades.

It’s all in the details with this one!

A simple gold bar and clear globes makes this easily one of my favorites.

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