DIY Instant Drywall Repair

Last week my neighbor was complaining about a hole in her wall. It was just big enough to notice, but not big enough to go through the expense of fixing it. She asked me if I knew of an easy and inexpensive way of patching the drywall and I knew the perfect product to use.

I was recently gifted an Eclipse Rapid Wall Repair Kit from my fiends over at @Dap and this was the perfect use for them. I agreed to help make the repair and she was amazed at how the finished result turned out!

The Eclipse Rapid Repair Wall Kit was so easy to use, it was beginner friendly, with minimal tools, no mess, and I was done in less than 30 minutes!!!

What You’ll Need

  • DAP Eclipse Rapid Wall Repair Patch (Size may vary depending on the project.
  • Block Sander
  • Paint Roller

Let’s Get Preppy

The first step is fairly simple. Using your sanding block (or any type of sander) prep the surface by making sure all of the rough edges have been sanded down. Remove or push in any larger pieces that may be loose.

Make sure the area is clean, dry, and firm before moving to the next step.

Total Eclipse of the Heart

Now it’s time to let the DAP Eclipse Rapid Repair Patch do its magic! As always, follow the manufactures directions for the best results.

For this repair I am using the 6” repair patch.

Peel the patch off of the protective plastic sheet. Using the grey circle in the center of the patch, line it up with the center of your hole. Firmly press the patch to the drywall avoiding the center of the patch or the hole.

This step was a bit odd to me, but it worked. You must roll the first coat or paint over the patch. This feels counterintuitive but there must be a good reason for it!

Make sure to let the paint dry around the edges before you move to the next step. To be honest, waiting for the paint to dry was the longest part, everything else was done very quickly.

Once the paint is dry, remove the second layer using the provided tab. You are almost done! Just paint two coats over the patch and let dry!

I was happy to help my friend and even more happy to find this amazing product. Get yours at our nearest @thehomedepot!

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