The BEST BBQ in St. Louis

There’s not much more to say other than SugarFIRE Smoke House is hands down the BEST BBQ I’ve had and the best in St. Louis!

This BBQ is served cafeteria style. You walk up, order, and your food is placed on your tray as you walk by. Trust me, your mouth will be watering and your going to want everything!

I had the two meat plate with their smoked sausage and brisket. Im still dreaming of the brisket. It was so good that it could be eaten bare but you must try it with their coffee infused bbq sauce.

I couldn’t decide on one side so I got two. The Mac and Cheese was gooey, creamy, and just the perfect amount of cheesy. For me, the show stopper of the meal was the Loaded BBQ Tater Tots. The tots were smothered in bbq sauce and cheese and had huge pieces of just about everyone of their smoked meats. It was so good that I forgot to take a photo. You’ll just have to try to for yourself!

You just can’t leave without one of their unique bottled sodas. We shared a Red Cream Soda and we loved it so much that we went back for more!

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