The Memphis Zoo

We had a wonderful morning at the Memphis Zoo! Did you know they are home to more than 4,500 animals from all over the world!

Each animal exhibit is divided by regions of the world. From the Tetons to the Zambiez River and all the way to China.

Fun Fact:

Only three zoos in the US house giant pandas – Memphis Zoo, Zoo Atlanta and Smithsonian’s National Zoo.

If you are heading to the Memphis Zoo make sure to also check out all the pavilions. I was definitely impressed by the architectural detail.

If you visit in the warmer months I would suggest taking your swim suit as they offer a few fun spots to splash around and cool off in.

My last note of caution would be there are quite a few exhibits and adventures that cost extra so be prepared to spend extra for those features. You must pay to see an feed the giraffes, it’s extra to go into the kangaroo enclosure, and a few of the rides are also extra.

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