Everyday Easy Book Storage Method

My son has so many books and at any given time we have piles of books scattered all over his room.

We have baby books, big books, holiday books, and books that have been read so many times that the pages are worn and tiered.

I needed to find a way to easily display his books so that they were easy for him to get to, while keeping them organized, and also keeping them somewhat “in season”.

I use this 3 part Easy Book Storage Method and it works great:

ONE-Grab a fun, medium sized, storage container, and use it as an easy “grab-and-go” book storage.

Swap books out every few months to keep them fun and engaging.

TWO– Add holiday books into your stack and store all other holiday themed books together for easy swapping.

THREE– Say goodbye to some of your well loved and read books so that other families can enjoy them!

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