We have been working on my sons sports themed room for the last few months. Creating little details here and there to make it unique and custom.

Recently he has shown interest in DIY and design and I thought this scoreboard was the perfect intro piece for him to start on. We already had a canvas on had that was the perfect size and with a little paint, it was ready to be transformed!

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Here are some details on how we made this happen.

What You’ll Need:

Step-By-Step :

{1} Paint your canvas and let it dry.

{2} Letter Spacing-I suggest doing a dry run to insure that your spacing is correct. You can use white chalk to help with spacing.

{3} Letters and Numbers– I found that using 3” vinyl stickers were best for the “Visitor” and “Home” letters. For the numbers I thought that 2” stencils worked best and gave it more of a vintage and authentic look. I used a level and speed square to make sure I stayed square.

For the stenciled numbers we used a small sponge to add the paint. We made sure to dab out all the excess paint on a clean paper towel prior to sponging the number. This allowed us better control of the paint and gave it more of an authentic “imperfect” look.

{4} Line Work– The line work brings the scoreboard to life. I used a wide tipped paint pen and found that using a straight edge made for nice crisp lines.

Taking Score

This scoreboard makes for the perfect addition to my sons room and he was so excited to help! It gave him such a sense of accomplishment and ownership to hang it up and add it to his room.

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