National Corvette Museum

As always, this is our version of a trip. All depictions and information is solely based on our experience. I hope you use this as a reference for your next amazing adventure!!!

Vroom Vroom

The boys started their day at the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky while mommy worked at the hotel.

The museum offered things for all three of my boys to enjoy, especially the big one…daddy! They spent about 2.5 hours touring the museum and it made for the perfect family outing.

When coming to the museum please note that tickets are required and can be purchased the day of. Kids under 4 are free and youth tickets are only $10 (check current rates here)! Please also be aware that some hands on exhibits and tours may still be closed due to COVID restrictions, please check the website for more information.

While you are there make sure to check out the hands on kids play area and be amazed by the giant sinkhole!

Kidz Zone

With a 7 and 3 year old in tow the Kidz Zone was a huge hit! There they can design, build, and test out toy cars in the racetrack.

Cave and Sinkhole

Did you know that in 2014 a large sinkhole opened in the Skydome exhibit of the museum causing some of the famed corvettes to crumble into the hole!

This exhibit was one of my boys favorite exhibits to see and they were in awe of the magnitude of this event. Some of the rescued cars are still on display!

Generations of Fun

By far, the greatest thing about this museum, is the display of cars spanning many generations.

From the cool, out of this world looking modern corvettes with their neon colors and spaceship looking mechanics…

…to a walk down memory lane with traditional sports cars that my husbands dreams are made of. There was something for everyone on display.

5 Tips for Enjoying Your Next Trip to the National Corvette Museum:

Here are our personal 5 tips and tricks to make your next trip to the museum a great one!

  1. Visit early on a weekday for fewer crowds and wait time.
  2. You can watch people take possession of their new cars while at the museum. Hey, if you are in the market for a corvette, you can be a part of this tradition!
  3. The museum is kid friendly and has a fun kids area for smaller kids. If your kid is of stroller age, I suggest bringing it because there is a lot of walking involved, and most places are stroller accessible.
  4. Get a geology lesson while you are there by visiting the sinkhole experience
  5. Bring snacks or eat before coming. We noticed that the restaurant was istll closed.

Bowling Green

If you are in Bowling Green for the day, make sure to go to Mammoth Cave National Park.

Here is a glimpse into our day in Bowling Green

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