US Space and Rocket Center

Did you know that Alabama was home to the US Space and Rocket Center and Space Camp? To be honest, I didn’t until a few years ago and now it’s one of our favorite places to stop in Alabama!

As always, this is our version of a trip. All depictions and information is solely based on our experience. I hope you use this as a reference for your next amazing adventure!!!

3…2…1…Blast Off!!!

We love that they have hands on activities for kids of all ages (big kids too 😊). Smaller kids and toddlers can play too, but to be honest, things are geared towards an elementary/middle school child and above.

The displays and exhibits are true to size and larger than life. You will get a good first-hand feel on how the astronauts live their daily lives in space.

The life size astronaut suit is a favorite for my boys and of course our seven year old was a fan of the VR and simulated rides .

Rocket Park

Just outside the main exhibit hall you will find Rocket Park. Rocket Park is a outdoor walk that will lead you to the Saturn V Hall. Check out the map below!

On the walk you will see many replica and retired real space crafts like the Saturn I.

An up close view point is the best way to see the ship and to get a feel of just how small we are in comparison!

Saturn V Hall

The Saturn V Hall is a detached building that you cannot miss seeing! The Saturn V lays horizontally suspended in air and it’s truly awe inspiring!

For the Little Ones

I mentioned earlier that the exhibits were geared towards an older child, but the museum does a good job at including the little kids with a small play area. This can be found in the Saturn V Hall.

They also offer a Nursing Mother’s Room which came in handy last time we were here and Nolan was so young.

Check out what else we did in Huntsville, AL and on the rest of our epic 2.5 week road trip!

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