Making it Work

I worked while on vacation

My laptop came with me on vacation to Key West and honestly I’m ok with it. Working remotely has offered me a flexibility that I’m beyond grateful for. As a full time working mom I have had to find the balance between work, family, and play.

If you have been around for a while, you may know that we like to travel…a lot. But, you may also know that I’m an architectural designer and I work full time…and more. I was able to take my work on the road, literally (I worked while we drove), and doing so it actually gave me a great sense of accomplishment, less stress, and I didn’t miss out.

How could working while on vacation be LESS stressful you ask? Well, I wasn’t constantly worried about looming emails, I wasn’t dreading a missed deadline, and I wasn’t worried about an unhappy client.

Here are my 3 Tips for Working While on vacation:

Working on vacation may not be ideal, but in this world of remote working, it can be done successfully, and almost anywhere!

I understand that this isn’t for everyone, but it worked for me…

Tip #1 Work with a View

Who said that you had to work in a boring hotel room or in a dark dungeon? Find a great space to set up your remote workspace and enjoy the view…and maybe a cocktail!

Tip #2 Work on the Road

Vacations typically come with hours of travel from destination to destination and I love taking advantage of this time to work. This particular trip we had two 10+ hour legs of travel so I plugged in, and got to work!

My setup was simple and no fancy things were needed. I used my laptop case as a base and a mousepad.

***Caveat: We have a WiFi enabled vehicle with an AC adapter ***

Tip #3 Work While They’re Down

Not every second of a vacation is typically jammed packed. We try to scheduled down times where we rest and recuperate for our next adventure. I take advantage of this down time to get some work done. Every second counts, right?

I know that this may not work for everyone but I thought I would share what worked for me…on to planning my next working vacation!

One thought on “Making it Work

  1. Great thoughts. One thing I found is that when traveling in Florida, we rode Red Coach because they offer free wifi on board and the kids could watch movies. That way, I could sneak in work during traffic instead of driving. Then getting in more work after they were going to bed was helpful too.

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