One Room Challenge- Week 7

People often ask me how I got started with DIY… How do you know what tools to use? How did you make that? Where did you learn how to do that? My answer is…

I Learned it from My Father

Week seven happened to end on Fathers Day and to my absolute luck my father was in town visiting! He’s my go-to when I need help figuring out something or help knowing what tool to use and how. He’s one of those guys that just knows what to do and was self taught (I know where I get it from).

So, what better way to spend Father’s Day, than by grabbing some tools and building something . Trust me, I had a laundry list of things to do, and his timing was impeccable.

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Just Make the Cut

I’m going to be honest, week seven mentally kicked my butt. I was frozen in fear of not competing the challenge, fearful that I was running out of time, anxious about making the next move, and worried about not having the right supplies.

I was stuck! I needed a pep talk and to just make the first cut. With my dads help we started towards my goal of framing out my built -in desk.


My goal for week seven was to get my desktop framed. I had a design in mind, the materials, and the tools but I was lacking the confidence in myself to get it done. So, I relied on my father’s expertise to help guide the way.

We started by working on a beautiful, yet simple, open-backed wood bookshelf. This piece acts as an end cap for the desk top to visually rest upon. While it’s resting on the bookcase, it is not being used for major structural support.


Next was to frame out the actual desk top. I had researched and researched the best techniques of building a work surface and I decided what worked best for my situation.

… and this is where my dad took the reins.

We used 2X3” common frame lumber as the main structure and 4” structural screws to tie back into the studs for support. My desktop material is made out of 1/2 MDF. Which I had laying around as a scrap piece and with some minor timing it all fit!


My dad was a huge help and when he left town I was only left with having to trim out the edge band of the piece. I like the look of a nice clean edge and it helps makes the tabletop look like a solid piece.

For the trim piece I used a 1X4 nice piece of trim board with a mitered corner for a seamless transition.


Confession …I HAVE NEVER MADE AN ANGLED MITER CUT. How have I been doing DIY for over a year and never have had the need for a nice and clean 45 degree miter cut?

I was so nervous to make this one cut (well, two cuts in total). My wood was a very nice quality ,and with the price of lumber, it cost a pretty penny. I DID NOT want to mess up!

With a call to my dad and the right tools, I made the cuts, and it was not as scary as I hyped myself up to think. I did it and I must say that it looks pretty darn good!

The Week Ahead

Phew that was a lot but don’t get too comfortable because the best is yet to come!

Next week it all comes together (well, it has to because it’s the final week of the One Room Challenge). I need to finish the faux marbling on my work surface using the Giani Epoxy Marble Countertop Paint Kit and my of weeks of curating the perfect gallery wall comes to life.

Thank for following along and don’t forget to come back for the final reveal, and check out my fellow guest participants in the One Room Challenge Blog.

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