One Room Challenge- Week 6

It doesn’t feel real that it is already Week 6 and we are in the home stretch, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!


Last week I had started to loose hope and didn’t think I was ever going to finish. To motivate myself I started with a list of what I wanted to accomplish, and when I wanted to accomplish it by. I kept the tasks small so that I was more encouraged as I checked things off. Before long I had a list full of completed tasks and something to show for it.

{The following photos and tutorials may include affiliate links. Click the photo or links to be taken directly to a product page or to my page where you can shop these looks!}

Task #1- Complete My Faux Flat File Furniture Flip

Say that five times fast…faux flat file furniture flip

Remember this beauty? I purchased this very sturdy wood filing cabinet for $5 off of Facebook Market Place. I had a vision all along on how I wanted to flip it into the coolest faux flat file but I lacked the motivation to do it. So, I started with baby steps. Dismantle the drawers, remove the existing hardware, buy paint, cut wood…

Little by little those small steps turned into bigger ones and the momentum was flowing. I started to paint the piece Farm-to-Table by Sherwin Williams but it was way too pale, so I pivoted and tried Sherwin Williams Shade-Grown for the perfect shade of green.

My next obstacle was hardware. The hardware is what makes a flat file so unique. I spent what seemed like weeks looking for the perfect drawer pull but I was coming up empty handed. The pulls were either too small, too brassy, too expensive, too big and bulky, and I wasn’t finding exactly what I wanted. So, when in doubt, DIY!

I researched a few methods and found one that fit my aesthetic and budget. I used copper pipe fittings and wooden dowels to make the perfect custom drawer pulls.

Click HERE to get a step by step tutorial on how to make these custom drawer pulls.

I am honestly OBSESSED with how this turned out. This piece is uniquely ME and will be perfect for my home office.

Click HERE for my step by step tutorial on how I flipped this file cabinet into this awesome flat file (Coming Soon) .

Task #2 Décor

A space is just a space until you fill it with things you love.

I wanted this space to be curated and symbolic of me. I have slowly been collecting items that have personal meaning or that spark joy in me. At the start of this One Room Challenge I used this print that was carved by my uncle as my inspiration for the whole space. It embodies the sprit and history of my Home Town, Key West, and celebrates architecture and construction. It will be the centerpiece for my gallery wall.

I have also collected other things to add and layer into the design to make the space come to life. Some old, some new, some thrifted, some gifted.

Task #3- Finalize Art Work Selection

Like I mentioned above, my uncles art piece is the focal point of my gallery wall ,and I knew that I wanted to pair it with equally impactful artwork.

Why buy something commercial when you can support a local artist? Often for less than what you would have purchased at a box store.

These next two pieces are by a Key West local artist, Kate Divoll. The first piece is reflective of a Bustelo can of coffee and if you know anything about Cuban coffee, you know that it has potential energy. I grew up on Cuban coffee and it still runs through my veins.

Secondly, is another painting by Kate depicting Key Limes. Did you know there is a difference between a lime and key lime?

Lastly, and most meaningful, is a hand sketched portrait of our late dog of 15 years, Zoey. I commissioned a classmate and fellow architect , Jamie Stephens, to draw this portrait of Zoey. She captured Zoey so incredibly well and I can’t wait to hang this up.


It was a very productive week and I am excited to tackle A LOT of work next week! Don’t forget to check out the other One Room Challenge Guest Participants to se how far along they have come. Also, see how far I have come from week one to today.

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