One Room Challenge 2021- Weeks 4 and 5

How did two weeks go by and I barely have anything to show?!?!

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These two weeks have been filled with progress but none of which are very tangible. I have secured a big collaboration that you will see next week, I have commissioned a piece of artwork, I’ve purchased some items, and I finally started on my faux flat file!

A few weeks ago I found this two drawer wood file cabinet for only $5! It has the perfect shape to be transformed into a faux flat file.

I have painted the piece and I also have chosen to make the hardware, because dang hardware is expensive!

I originally chose Sherwin Williams Farm to Table but it turned out a bit too muted. I wanted something a bit darker and I went back over it with Shade Grown.

I haven’t painted much furniture, so this was a first for me. I decided that it would be best to disassemble the piece into smaller and more easy to work with sections.

I also removed the original hardware and decided to create my own. I’m getting a little creative with the hardware so stay tuned and come back next week to see how this copper plumbing fittings into a unique industrial drawer pulls, (12) to be exact.

I promise, this is all coming together, and will come together so fast!

Please continue to come back for more and continue following the other One Room Challenge Guests Participants.

2 thoughts on “One Room Challenge 2021- Weeks 4 and 5

    1. It went by so quickly! I thought that 8 weeks would be more than enough time, but now I am scrambling. I will get it done though!
      I love the green too, thanks so much.


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