Do-it-Yourself Powder Room Refresh

I recently completed a DIY Powder Room Refresh and here are some of my favorite items and tutorials that I used for this refresh.

With a limited budget and timeline, I knew a refresh was exactly what was needed. This refresher includes easy to do tutorials and inexpensive changes that don’t require extensive remodeling or a huge budget.

{The following photos and tutorials include affiliate links. Click the photo or links to be taken directly to a product page or to my page where you can shop these looks!}

#1 Wallpaper Dreams

I wanted this little Powder Room to be special, a little jewel box so to speak. I researched a few different wall treatments and peel and stick wallpaper seem to be the perfect fit for this project. Peel and stick wallpaper is relatively inexpensive, it’s easy to apply, and only requires a short amount of time to completely transform a room.

I chose to use Roommates Dandelions Peel and Stick Wallpaper for this project. Each roll covers roughly 28.8sf and runs approximately $34 a roll. I used 1.5 rolls for this project.

Check out my tutorial on how to easily apply Pee and Stick Wallpaper (coming soon).

#2 Light it Up

With my octagon mirror in place I searched for a vanity light fixture appropriate for the space. I wanted something a little funky, with a bit of an edge, and I ended up with this black and gold fixture. I love the exposed bulbs, the gold gooseneck details, and the metal cage.

The best part is price it only cost approximately $70 from Amazon.

Here are some more of my favorite Modern Vanity Light Fixtures.

#3 Get Hooked

I love the addition of hooks in a space. These have a great modern aesthetic and work well with the other bathroom hardware that I have chosen. These come in a 5-piece set of bathroom hardware from Amazon for only $42.

#4 Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

This gold geometric mirror makes a big statement in this small powder room. The elongated octagon makes for a unique moment. I found this mirror at a thrift store for only $18, can you believe that? But here are some of my favorites mirrors that are similar.

Check out this post for more of my favorite Modern Hexagon Mirrors!

#5 Framed Art

I have a soft spot for beautiful and unique picture frames. Not necessarily the artwork, which is also beautiful, but the ornate and intricate frames. To be honest, the best framed art comes from thrift stores, and that’s where I’ve purchased most of my frames for this project. Can you believe that I got most of these for $1-$5 each?!

Check out my Gallery Wall blog post to see what else I did in this Powder Room (coming soon).

#6 A Little Spray Goes a Long Way

I had this horrible builders grade shinny chrome faucet that I wanted to replace. But this is just a “refresh” and not a full remodel, and I didn’t want to spend too much on a new fixture. So, I looked for something a little less permanent and less expensive.

Using Automotive Primer, a metallic gold spray paint, and a little bit of prep I was able to spray paint the faucet and make a huge impact in this space!

If you want to see how it turned out check out my tutorial on How-to Spray Paint a Bathroom Faucet!

#7 It’s all in the Hardware

A change in hardware can make a huge difference in a space and it can be done reactively inexpensively. For this project I changed out the toilet paper holder and the towel rack. I opted for these modern streamline gold fixtures.

This whole set from Amazon was only $42 for 5-pieces .

#8 Monochromatic Love

Coming into this project I was very lucky that the previous owners had painted this powder room a dusty blue and I absolutely loved it. Unfortunately I don’t have the exact color but it inspired me to go completely monochromatic in this space.

For me a monochromatic space is simply a space with one predominant color as a focal, and in this case it’s dusty blue. See below for some more monochromatic love!

#9 Another Door Opens

Changing out cabinet hardware is so easy and instantly makes an impact with not a lot of effort, tools, or a high price point.

I have used the same Modern Linear Cabinet Pulls for two or three different DIY projects and I absolutely love them! You can get a pack of 10 for around $24 on Amazon!

I have put together a list of some of my favorite Modern Cabinet Hardware, click here to check it out!!!

#10 Vanity Insanity

The existing vanity in the powder room was a fairly simple white vanity base with a large utility sink. I wanted to keep the utility sink so it was not feasible for us to change out the sink and vanity at this time.

In true DIY fashion, I decided that I wanted to attempt to paint the vanity. Up until this point in my DIY journey I had never used chalk paint and it is something that I’ve always wanted to try but never had the application to use it in.

To be honest it gave me some trouble!!! I had to paint, repaint, sand it, and repaint to get the finish that I was hoping for (probably user error, LOL). But in the end, after using a clear wax to seal it all, I am happy with the way it turned out. I have to remind myself that not all stages of DIY are pretty!

I used Behr Chalk Paint in Charcoal and sealed it with Behr Clear Wax from HomeDepot. The Charcoal really gives off a blueish-gray tint and worked perfectly with my monochromatic scheme.

Check out my tutorial on chalk paint, the good, the bad, the ugly (coming soon)!

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