Backyard Stay-Cation 

We, like many others, put some of our travel plans on hold this summer, and like most of us, we’ve been needing an escape! So why not escape to our backyard?

{The following photos include affiliate links} Click each photo to be taken to my Decocrated page where you get $10 off your first quarterly box subscription.

It’s been a while since I completed my DIY Bench build and I finally had the chance to add some finishing touches to make this the perfect place for a backyard getaway.  

These yellow summer pillows are the perfect bright and cheerful accessory that adds a soft touch to all the wood elements.

I then paired them with a striped summer throw rug to keep the bottom of our feet cozy as we lounge around.  

Decocrated curated the perfect Summer Box filled with hand-picked items to create this perfect “stay-cation” look.  

They have given me a code to share with my friends for $10 OFF your first Quarterly Subscription Box.  

Use AGREATTRAVELEDLIFE10 this link to get your own box delivered to your doorstep! 

So fire up the grill, add some cute kids, a cat that’s NOT ours, cut up some watermelon, and pour yourself a cold beverage to make this a mini afternoon stay-cation.

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