DIY Basket Pendant Light

How’s it Hangin?

I tend to see potential in almost anything and when an idea is born I can’t hold on too it long before I have to see it complete. The idea to have a hanging light fixture in our family room was pretty evident to me. The space seemed a bit naked and there was a void, perfect for a large pendant. I just couldn’t find the right style and size for the right price and after looking I had almost given up. I could not bring myself to spend $$$ hundreds of dollars on a light fixture.

Enter this $16.99 basket from HomeGoods…it was a great shape, had good structure, and best of all it was a great price. The ideas started flowing and the idea for a hanging basket pendant light fixture was born! I had seen it done before and I knew that I could easily tackle it in an afternoon.

Follow my simple steps to an inexpensive and custom hanging basket pendant light fixture! Check out my tutorial below for a step by step of how I made it!

{The following photos include affiliate links} Click each photo to be taken to my page where you can shop these looks.

What You Will Need

  • Basket: This can be a basket of any shape and size. Look for something with a bit if stability and structure. Go to thrift stores to find a really unique one-of-a-kind basket or use something you already have on hand for FREE!
  • Light Hanging Kit: A Light Hanging Kit is the easiest way to create a hanging light fixture without needing extensive electrical skills and ceiling mounted light receptacle. I choose a light kit with a twisted hemp chord for a clean look that matched my aesthetic. This kit should come with a ceiling hook kit.
  • Wire Cutters
  • Picture Hanging Wire

Snip, Snip

This step is easy but requires some muscle.

My Basket, much like a lot of baskets of this style, came with two metal handles. I wanted this pendant to look intentional and not look like it was an up-side-down basket. The easiest way to achieve this look was to snip off the metal handles using a metal wire cutter.

Let’s Go Fishing

Start by turning over your basket. Then take your Hanging Pendant Light Kit and fish the electrical plug end through the “bottom” of the basket. Did I mention that this particular light kit was ONLY $15 ?!?!


Find a basket with a pliable bottom to easily fish the chord through OR use a drill with a circular bit to create a hole large enough for the chord to fit through.

Almost Done…

You’re almost done. Wasn’t that easy?

For this next step you want to adjust the length of the chord according to how you would like the light to hang within your “basket”. I wanted mine to dangle a bit, so I let about 6-8 inches of chord hang.

I used picture hanging wire to secure the chord to the frame of the basket. There is no real trick to this and each basket my be different. I just wrapped the wire around the frame of the basket structure and then around the chord, twisting the wire until it felt secure. I tied a knot in the chord to make it look more finished.

Climbing to the Top and I can’t be Stopped

Ok, I was a Cheerleader in my younger days but I was NEVER at the top of the pyramid. Climbing to the top of a ladder is as close as I will get.

I used a ceiling hanging hook kit (can be found here) or it may come with your light hanging kit. Follow the directions on how to secure the hook to your ceiling, loop the chord around the hook, and voilà!

You now have an inexpensive and custom hanging pendant light fixture!

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