Gulf Specimen Aquarium in Panacea, Florida

In the current time of COVID we try to find fun outdoor adventures for our family to enjoy and we have found the perfect spot! My family and I drove forty five minutes south of Tallahassee to a small city on the coast. Panacea is one of those tiny fishing villages with so much charm and so many hidden gems. The Gulf Specimen Marine Aquarium is one of our favorites!

They went above and beyond with their healthy and safety measures in light of COVID restricitons.

Gulf Specimen Marine Lab and Aquarium

We love finding places that are fun, educational, and that the whole family can enjoy. Recently Liam and Nolan have had a fascination with marine life and I knew that the Gulf Specimen Marine Lab would be the prefect place to visit.

The Gulf Specimen Marine Lab and Aquarium is located in Panacea, Florida which is about forty five minutes south of Tallahassee. The lab is a marine life education center and rehabilitation facility.

Holding a small crab.

Kids and adults can enjoy the hands on displays where you can get elbow deep and face-to-face with the marine animals. I’ll admit, at first Liam was skeptical, and I, on the other hand dove right in. I grew up in the Key’s and this is totally my thing!

Liam finally warmed up to the idea of holding a few of the shells and crabs, and I think the starfish were his favorites.

I also love a place that the whole family can enjoy together. Nolan is a two years old and wants to dive head first into the tanks with pure excitement! The “baby sharks” were his favorites, second to the turtles!

I also love that touching is encouraged! Their hands on approach is a great learning experience, especially for a little kid that is so motivated by touching things and picking things up!

In this weird time of COVID I love that the aquarium had a very creative and funny sense of humor to remind us all to keep our distance.

The Gulf Specimen Marine Lab and Aquarium is the perfect place to spread your wings…or fins!

General Information:

Hours*: Monday-Friday 9AM to 5PM    Saturday 10AM to 5PM       Sunday 10AM to 5PM

Admissions*: $9.95 for adults (12+ yrs) $8.95 for seniors (65+ yrs) $7.95 for children (3-11 yrs)

I suggest bringing your own drinks and snacks. Refreshments were limited to water fountains, but you are not out of luck, walk down the street to The Seineyard Restaurant at Rock Landing for an amazing family dining experience. It’s less than a 5 minute walk from the aquarium.

*Check their website before heading over as times and prices may have changed.

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