A Day in Downtown Thomasville, Georgia: During COVID

Thomasville, Georgia is one of our favorite places to visit on a quick day-trip from Tallahassee. Located right over the Florida Georgia boarder Thomasville is home to a quaint historic district with brick paved streets and tree lined side walks. Thomasville is know for it’s southern hospitality, good food, shopping, and architectural charm.

Much like the rest of the world, the daily bustle of Thomasville recently came to a halt during the COVID 19 Pandemic. Now as stores and restaurants are slowly opening up I wanted to see firsthand how Downtown Thomasville was taking precautions in protecting the health and safety of it’s visitors. Protecting myself and my family is always my top priority and I truly appreciate a place that is making this their mission.

I was very pleased with all the steps that I saw being put in place and the safety measures that were being taken. I hope you read along for a glimpse into how Thomasville is embracing this uncertain time.

Please note that these are my personal observations and things may have changed since my recent visit.

Keeping Distance

Trust me when I say wine tastes just as good (or even better) when you are sitting 6 feet apart. The Farmer’s Daughter Tasting Room is a prime example of how a business can create a comfortable and inviting space that still adheres to social distancing. In our recent visit to the tasting room I observed that tables were strategically spaced and you were seated by a masked hostess as to not crowed other customers. My husband I felt safe and were able to calmly enjoy our wine in the tasting room (which was incredibly clean).

Many boutiques and shops were also promoting social distancing as a part of their COVID strategy. Take for instance one of my favorite boutiques Firefly, at the door patrons are politely asked to wear a mask and to stay 6 feet apart while in the store.

As a customer, I was grateful for these precautions and was happy to abide by them. These precautions in no way hinder your ability to shop.

Wash, Wash, Wash Your Hands

Now this was something I was so happy to see! All around the public sidewalks the City of Thomasville had located handwashing stations. Each station was equipped with soap, water, and paper napkins for your convenience. Foot pedals made it even more convenient!

Business, such as Grassroots Coffee, were taking extra precautions to keep their customers safe. So, don’t forget to grab a cup of their small batch roasted coffee to enjoy as your stroll around, and don’t worry, a handwashing station is near by!

Eating in Style

We couldn’t come to Thomasville and not eat at one of our favorite restaurants Jonah’s Fish & Grits. But, to be honest, up until this point we had not eaten inside a sit-down restaurant since the pandemic started, and I am glad we chose this as our first.

When we arrived it was visible that they were abiding by a limited number of seats and people were waiting patiently for their names to be called. In attempts to space people out they requested that everyone wait outside for their names to be called. All wait staff and hostesses were wearing masks and things were visibly clean. I even spotted a station where someone was sanitizing salt and pepper shakers after every use. This made for a wonderful dining experience and the food was exceptional as always.

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