My 10 Favorite Industrial Light Fixtures for a Bathroom Renovation

I recently remodeled the boys bathroom and I wanted to go with an industrial theme. I was looking for something industrial yet playful for the kids bathroom. I kept coming across these geometric caged light fixtures and I absolutely fell in love! The caged elements, mixed with the dark metals, and the geometric shapes gave just the right amount of whimsy to the space that I was looking for.

I had the hardest time choosing a fixture and I wanted to share my favorites along with the one I finally went with!!!

{This photo does include an affiliate link} Click the photo to be taken to my page where you can shop these light fixtures!

I chose this great industrial caged fixture from Progress Lighting and it was exactly what I wanted for this space. The two toned metallic was a feature that I loved with the black metal cage and the stainless bar. The Edison light build add to the industrial feel of the fixture.

This was my first attempt working with electrical and I fee that I was successful in that endeavor! A link to my DIY Lighting Tutorial is coming soon !

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