Trusting the Process

I am the type of person that wants something to be done before it has even started. I have envisioned this space for so long and I just want to see the final product. I need instant gratification.

This being my first big do-it-yourself home renovation project I still have a lot to learn and the first thing is that projects take time.

It takes time to get all the right tools, it takes time to gather all the supplies, it takes time to physically build the pieces, and it takes time to curate the perfect things for the space.

The second thing I’ve learned is not everything is going to go exactly as planned. For example the mirror that I ordered from target was shipped in about 1 million tiny broken glass pieces. But the project must move on.

Lastly and most importantly I’ve learned to trust in the process. Each piece of this renovation has its own process. Cutting, sanding, painting, staining, hanging, and drilling. Each step building upon the other to reach the final product.

Now I just need Home Goods to open back up so that I can style this space inter perfection!

Do you have the patiences to finish a project or do you want instant gratification?

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