Cutting My Own Way

As a young girl I watched my father build things by hand. With the proper tools, a plan in place, and me by his side he would teach me the tricks of the trade.

Through college and Architecture School I would dream of the day that I could make my plans into reality. Sketching my designs on paper, using scrap materials, no budget, and the only tools that I had on hand I would create little projects here and there.

Now the time has come that I have a house to call my own and the list of projects seems to grow by the day. Little by little I have built up my arsenal of tools, making sure I have the right ones for the job. I have measured my spaces and created a list a mile long.

My Pinterest addiction has hit an all time high and the years of daydreaming are now becoming a reality. With my first project underway and my dad watching via video chat, I am using his teachings for my very own solo project (yes, you heard that right, I use the power tools in the family!).

His teachings are echoing in my mind with every cut. “Measure twice, cut once,” “always have the right tools for the job,” and my favorite “don’t do something half-assed.”

Perfection is not my goal, especially since this is my first real project. But, I strive to do something that makes me happy, that I’m proud of, and that ultimately makes this space better for my family.

I hope that you will follow along as I cut my way through these projects!!!

What’s your favorite hobby?

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