10 Tips for Packing and Moving during a Global Pandemic:

We just moved into our new home during the Covid-19 global pandemic. We Rescheduled our move in the fear of future limitations and restrictions due to the spread of the virus. Moving during this extremely stressful time in our world did not come without its moments of panic sadness stress and anxiety but here is my list of what helped me and my family move during this global pandemic.

#1 Don’t move! 😜

If you are reading this you probably know that is not an option so here are a few things to help you on your way!

#2 Come to the realization that your move is going to be different than what you expected.

This was hard for me to accept but my eventual acceptance was what propelled me to this point. I dreamed of the perfect move one that was organized, well-timed, and had little to no stress. I realized that in the times we are in this move was not going to be perfect, at least not for me.

#3 Practice social distancing and limit your personal interactions with only the essential key players needed during the move.

Other than your immediate family, who are the key players that you need during this move? Are you hiring movers? If so, check with their policies during this time. How many people will they be sending? Do they have a policy in place to keep things clean and sanitized?

What other outside services do you require? Do you need someone to hook up the cable and internet? See if this can be done remotely. Are you needing a handyman or contractor?Ask how they practice social distancing, what are their policies, and can they schedule a time that no one is at home? Be flexible (we all have extra time to spare these days).

#4 Move only your essential items.

And yes this means the kids too…This is your time to purge! Channel your inner Marie Kondo and only take what brings you joy and what you and your family need to survive. gGo room by room and get rid of the things you don’t need and only pack the essentials the things that you cannot live without. Use this purge as a stress reliever. Throw out those old high school jeans that will never fit you and just take up room in your closet. You will thank me later!

Check with your local Goodwill or Salvation Army, Shelters, or Churches to see if they offer a pick up service or a way that you can drop items off with little to no social contact.

#5 Use items that you already have to help you pack.

If you look closely I’m sure you have packing supplies hidden in plain sight. Use grocery bags, suitcases, laundry baskets, hampers, plastic bins, diaper boxes, trash bags, or anything that can hold weight.

Use towels, sheets, blankets, T-shirts and socks to help wrap things that are fragile.

If you’re hiring movers check their policy on storing items in place. For example, our moving company allowed us to keep clothes and items in our dressers. They tightly wrapped each dresser and secured the drawers for the move allowing us to keep our clothes in the drawers as usual. This made unpacking extremely easy.

#6 Limit the number of trips you make.

Depending where you are moving to and how far try to keep the amount of trips back-and-forth to a minimum. If it’s possible for you try to keep the number of trips to two or three times tops. This will hopefully eliminate potential contamination. In our case this was not possible but we made sure to keep our trips very short, concise, and with no stopping in between.

#7 Once in your new home designate one room to be the drop off zone.

This preferably is a garage or a spare room that can hold everything and that is easy for the movers to come in and out without trampling through your home. This precaution is to eliminate the potential of spreading germs further into your new house.All boxes, bags, and crates can be unload there and sanitized and bought it into the house properly.

Move only the big items inside and see if the moving company has booties for their shoes, gloves and touch only the areas that are essential. Don’t be afraid to follow them with a can of Lysol… joking not joking

#8 Use as many online or digital services as possible to facilitate the move.

For example, changing your address can be as simple as picking up the phone or jumping on the Internet and will eliminate the need to go in person. You can check with your local municipality to see if they will allow you to connect your utilities via their website or over the phone. Also see if your cable and Internet provider can hook up your service remotely and don’t forget to place an online order for all your essential items you will need once you are moved in.

#9 Become a DIY Superstar.

Now that you have moved in there are so many projects needing to be done. Take this time of social distancing and quarantine to tackle some of those projects yourself. Is there a room that needs to be painted? Contact your local hardware store to see what drop off and pick up policies they have in place. A can of paint and a brush can make a space look brand new and can provide some much needed therapy as well. Don’t be afraid to get creative!

#10 Find peace in this time of despair.

Find peace in knowing that you and your family are now safe and hopefully healthy in your new home.

Take this time to slow things down, to organize, to enjoy each other in your new surroundings, and to dream about all of the possibilities once this pandemic is over. Enjoy the simplicity of this time and reflect on the minimal things we actually need to survive. Be blessed in knowing that this will pass and we will soon be right back to our busy lives as if this virus never happened.

These tips are what worked for me and my family. Please know that all situations are different and please adhere to all CDC guidelines and orders in your city and state.

8 thoughts on “10 Tips for Packing and Moving during a Global Pandemic:

  1. One of my very close friends has to make a move soon, so I’m so glad you wrote this! I’ll be sending this her way!


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