Christmas Town: Warm Springs, GA

{It’s beginning to look a lot like…Hallmark}⠀

Have you ever watched a Hallmark Channel Christmas movie and ever thought how unrealistically perfect the little towns are? Everyone is strolling along so happily, the brick lined streets are so charming, every store is decorated for Christmas, Bing Crosby serenades, and Christmas garland is on every surface. Does this place actually exist?⠀Yes! I have found the quintessential Christmas town!⠀Where is this magical place you ask? ⠀

Warm Springs, GA is nestled just east of Pine Mountain and Callaway Gardens, about an hour north of Columbus, and a little over an hour south of Atlanta. My mom and I have been visiting Warm Springs, Ga for many years and each year I return and it puts me right into the Christmas Spirit.

This main street town is no bigger than a city block long and it packs so much charm into a few historic buildings! ⠀There are restaurants, boutiques, cafes, antique shops, a wine cellar, artisan shops, an ice cream parlor, a central courtyard, and so much more. ⠀

You can sit on a rocking chair while watching people stroll by, visit the store keeper with the toy train in his shop, have a hot cup of coffee while strolling around listening to live Christmas Carolers, find the store with the hidden bank vault, count the red bows on the storefronts, breath in the mountains air, and lastly soak in all of that Christmas joy and wonder!⠀

Warm Springs is the perfect place to shop for everyone on your Christmas list. You can find high end antiques, handmade one of a kind gifs, culinary treats, nicnaks, and things for the young and old.

You cannot shop for hours without getting hungry. We stopped into the Lightning Bug Cafe an enjoyed a wonderful lunch followed by some hot coffee and some fresh baked sweet treats.

Make a full day out of coming to Warm Springs by heading over to the famous FDR Little White House, take a hike at the State Park, get a bottle of wine at the local winery, and end the night at the Callaway Gardens Fantasy in Lights.⠀

Hallmark has nothing compared to Warm Springs!!! ⠀

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