10 Toddler Must Haves for Holiday Travel

If you’ve been following along for a while it’s fairly evident that we travel a ton with our two son’s. We are gearing up for holiday travel and I have collected my tried and true travel favorites. I am only showing items that I own and that I have used while traveling with my family. I am sharing some affiliate links and if you shop from my links I will receive commision. Again, these items truly travel with us and I can’t wait to use them on our next travels!

1) It’s all in the Bag

I am all about carrying one simple diaper bag. It has to be functional and stylish as well, no Winnie the Pooh diaper bag for me (sorry, not sorry). I love this functional backpack from VogShow. The exterior is made of a waterproof material making it easy to clean and has classic detailing in the tan leather details and the gold zippers. The front pocket is large, insulated and perfect for bottles and juice boxes on the go. The two side pouches are for all of those easy to reach items like pacifiers, mommas keys and walet, and hand sanitizer. The interior is HUGE and holds both Liam and Nolan’s supplies. There are tons of pockets, zippered compartments, and a wet/dry storage for those potential oopsies.

2) Baby Busy Mat

The Baby Busy Mat has been a lifesaver on more than one occasion. The mat is a multifunctional silicone mat with four suction cups on each corner. The mat is equipped with custom tethers that can secure anything within your toddlers reach. We have used the mat at restaurants to safely place Nolans food on the food safe silicone and have used the tethers to secure his toys and sippy cup to. This product left us hands-free and able to enjoy our meal. But the tricks aren’t over, we have used the Busy Baby Mat on Nolan’s stroller as an activity mat. No more picking up dropped toys and sippy cups!

3) Baby BumCo

When going to the beach we always have to lug around so much stuff from beach chairs, to umbrellas, coolers, food, towels and toys. I’m bound to forget something and that’s usually clean diapers and wipes for Nolan.⠀My new BabyBumCo Diaper Clutch is a game changer! This stylish striped wristlet is perfect for the beach and beyond! You can wear it stylishly around your wrist, clipped to your stroller, or tossed in your diaper bag for easy on the go access.⠀The clutch has two compartments, one is resealable for wipes, the other is perfect to store a few diapers, and don’t forget to throw in your Mini BabyBumCo Diaper Cream Brush! I love that this is the only item I needed to bring for Nolan and the zippered top helped keep out the pesky sand! This clutch will go wherever this little beach bum is headed!

4) Wash.It.Later

Since having Nolan, we have been on the go! He went on his first cross country road trip when he was only 3 weeks old and our travels haven’t stopped!⠀Traveling with kids has made me well aware of all the times that we have let things “soak in.” Like a spilled fruit pouch on our outfit as we are driving down the interstate (happened on a road trip this very weekend), grass stains from rolling down a hill, grimy pants from playing in the snow, and all the kid messes in between! Never again will I have those worries! The Emergency Soaking Bag from @washitlater is are game changer for traveling families. All you have to do is Seal it. Soak it. Save it. Is my new travel motto and a soaking bag will be with us wherever we go!!!⠀

5) The Perfect Travel Stroller

If you have to kids, one younger, and one that’s a bit older than this stroller is perfect for you! When we had Nolan we wanted to find an easy travel stroller that we could still use for Liam. We looked at huge double strollers, strollers with dual seats, and nothing fit quite right until we found the Evenflo Sibby Stroller. The Sibby was perfect for us! It has a roll-along board or a “scooter” like Liam calls it. Nolan fits securely in the stroller and Liam can jump on back and zoom along! This stroller has been on countless airplane rides, to tops of mountains, and beyond!

6) The Perfect Travel Bib

My toddler is always making a mess when he eats and I always have a bib on hand for those big messes. I typically forget the dirty stained cloth bibs in the diaper bag and I get a gross surprise weeks later when I find the molded cloth bib shoved in the bottom of the bag. The Nuby 3D Silicone Bib has been a lifesaver! Not only is it so cute with its bright color and smiling character, but it is also practical for a mom-on-the-go and perfect for my 16 month old. The soft silicone allows for easy on-the-go feedings and rolls up perfectly to fit in our bag. The bib is BPA free and is machine washable, but its best feature is the scoop at the bottom that catches all the pieces that are trying to get away. This bib can be easily wiped clean and kept clean in your bag for your next use. No more gross surprises!

7) Traveling Toys

I’m always looking for educational toys for the boys. Ones that they can create, learn and have fun with! These amazing Picasso Tiles are magnetic on all four sides and have an interactive insert for each tile. Each insert is double sided and has a different theme. Each tile has a color picture that highlights the name of the object, some have numbers, and others have shapes. These magnetic building blocks are like educational”flash cards” so your kids can get a dual benefit of building and learning.⠀These are great for travel! Stack them up (they all magnetize together), toss them in your bag and don’t worry about losing pieces! ⠀

8) Snack n’ Sip on the Go

This Nuby Snack n’ Sip so great for toddlers or older kids that are always on-the-go! When traveling alone with the boys I need things to be easy and have dual functions. This cup not onlys is a spill proof sippy cup, but it also has a compartment for snacks!

9) Hold them Close

Our ErgoBaby 360 Carrier has been with us since the start! Nolan was a mere 3 weeks old when we went on our first road trip and I wanted something that would protect him while also allowing me to have free hands for watching Liam. This carrier is easy to travel with and is perfect for moms on the go.

10) Traveling Utensils

I can’t tell you how many times these Nuby Travel Utensils have come in handy! We love taking family picnics and I typically pack a variety of foods, fruits, meats, cheeses, crackers, sandwiches, and everything in between. I try to come prepared with all the utensils that we will need and somehow I always bring a giant knife to cut the fruit, sharp forks for the adults and I always forget utensils for the kids. The Nuby Travel Spoon and Fork Set comes with 9 kid friendly utensils in a travel case. I simply toss the travel set in my bag and I am set and ready for all of the kids feeding needs. These brightly colored utensils are perfectly sized for my toddler and my five year old even enjoys them. They are easy to clean, can be reused, and the carrying case is perfect to always have on hand. I was slightly disappointed that the case was a bit small and will only fit small kids sized utensils. A traditional adult sized utensils will not fit.

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