The Perfect Travel Friendly Charcuterie Board

Are you traveling for the holidays but don’t want to show up to the party empty-handed?

The following list has affiliate links to my Amazon Storefront, and I have curated a wonderful list to make and take this platter on the go. If you so choose to use my links, I will get a small commission. This curated list includes some of my personal tried and true favorites, some new products, and some products that simply peaked my interest!

So often, during the holiday season, we travel to and from family and friends houses, whether it’s near or far, and you never want to show up to a party empty-handed!!!

I’ve got an awesome, delicious, crowd pleasing, and easy Travel Friendly Holiday Party Platter for all of your Holiday needs!

No need to worry about keeping this dish hot or about it sloshing around in the back seat. This platter travels well no matter how near or far, and you can even pre-order your items on Amazon and have them sent to your destination!!! This platter could be made in a hotel room, Airbnb, at a campsite, or whatever you’re staying this holiday season.

I’m gonna walk you step-by-step to one of my favorite charcuterie boards that has traveled with me!

Here are 5 steps to get this platter on the road!

#1) Choose the Perfect Platter:

The platter is the base for this operation and some may say it’s the most important part. You want something sturdy, with a lid or a cover, and it can also be decorative too! The last time I traveled with one of these platters I used a disposable cake tin with a lid. It was the perfect rectangular shape, just deep enough and the lid kept everything secure. You can get fancy and do a cute platter too just don’t forget to wrap it up! Here are my favorite options and I have put them in my Amazon Shop for your reference:

The Take and Leave:

Think of this as a double whamy. You are bringing a beautiful tray of delicious meats and cheeses and at the end of the night you are leaving the host with a beautiful reusable tray.

This metallic gold “Be Thankful” platter is perfect! Not only is it plastic, a great shape and size, but it’s an inexpensive way to leave the host a special gift once the food is gone!

I’m loving this circular Christmas Platter platter, it has higher edges, and a center dip bowl for extra goodies. Your host will love receiving this plannter and will be delighted to keep the plate.

Here are some more of my favorites:

The Take and Toss:

You are on the road and need something that is quick, inexpensive, and has a lid. You are not worried so much about the physical aesthetics of the platter, moreso it’s durability, and the ability to toss it when you leave.

I found that a disposable cake pan is the perfect option and is large enough for your charcutier masterpiece.

These simple plastic trays with a lid are easy to travel with and won’t break your heart if you leave them behind.

Easy to Pack

I have found this awesome collapsible silicone tray that can easily travel with you from home and back. It’s on the smaller size, but could be perfect for a small party and best of all it folds up and has a lid!

Here are a few smaller collapsible options that I love:

Here are a few more awesome on-the-go containers!

The Ultimate Gift

I love the idea of giving a Charcuterie Board as a Hostess Gift. These beautiful wooden boards are the perfect gift!

Make it Easy to Carry

The easier everything is to carry the better! I love traveling with an insulated bag and this one is a double decker!

#2) Pick 4-5 different Meats

For this travel friendly platter I like to choose meats that are easy to slice and that don’t need refrigeration right away. Smoked or Cured meats tend to be my favorite go to’s like Salami, Peperoni, Summer Sausage, or Chorizo.

For presentation purposes, I like to use different shapes and sizes of things for visual interest. For example, you can thinly slice, cube, halfmoon, roll, or fold the meat into little florettes. Here are a few of my favorites to add to my tray!

#3) Make it Cheesy with 4-5 Different Cheese’s

I lied earlier when I said that the platter was the most important part, it’s not, cheese is the most important, and my personal favorite! I could survive off of cheese. I love to play with the types of cheese I add to my platters and it’s typically depends on how funky I want to get. For a Holiday party, I would stay pretty middle of the road to please the biggest amount of guest.

Here are some of my favorites (tip: harder, aged cheeses travel better than a softer, runny cheese. Some refrigeration may be required.):

Cheddar is Better

I love the simplicity of Cheddar and it’s typically an easy crowd pleaser. Look for something pre-sliced to make it easier on you or look for a good aged cheddar that will last much longer when left unrefrigerated.

A Little Goat (or Sheep)

My ultimate favorite cheese is nutty Spanish Manchego cheese that pairs perfectly with Chorizo. I also love a softer goat cheese that can be paired with a Hot Pepper Jelly. The creamy tanginess of the goat cheese compliments the sweet and spicy of the jelly for the perfect pairing!

Something Blue

I love a good smelly Blue Cheese. It pairs well with most meats and cheese, but I love it with a good smoked sausage!

Something Old

I love a good aged cheese. Typically a bit harder and therefore easier to travel with. I love a good Aged Gouda or an aged Parmigiano Reggiano to go with some dried fruits.

Spice it Up

My husband loves anything spicy so I always make sure to include a good Pepper Jack.

#4) The Supporting Cast

Now that you have your meats and cheeses as the main star of the show, you now need a supporting cast! If you are like me, you have artfully (or not) arranged your meat and cheese selections and now need to fill in those “naked” areas.

Adding in other layers of flavor, color and texture will take your tray to a different level! I love to add sweet, salty, crunch and creamy. I have found that pickled veggies, salted nuts, fresh berries, dried fruits, jellies and jams, mustards, and honey are easy to take on the go and can be kept jarred until you get to your destination!

#5) Crunch Time

This platter could not be complete without a variety of crackers or crisps! I love to make a little sandwich of my favorite meat, cheese, jelly, and cracker combination! I always bring along some traditional crackers, a few crisps, and I recently have been bringing some pork rinds for my friends on Keto.

Go Forth and Party!

I hope your travels are plenty and that these tips will go with you to your next Holiday party!

Remember to keep these platters has easy or complex as you want and remember that some items may need to be kept cold.

If you have time to venture in your destination city I alway LOVE looking for local goods. Check out a local creamery for cheeses, or a meat market, look for homemade jellies, and fresh in season fruits. Lastly, if you prefer shipping everything, don’t forget to shop my Amazon Storefront for all of your needs and have them shipped directly to your destination.

Please let me know how you Travel Friendly Holiday Party Platter was and don’t forget to PIN this to your Pinterest Board for later!!!

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