Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch at Spring Hill Tree Farm

It’s that time of year when the weather get’s cooler, the leaves start to change, and pumpkins are all the craze. We traveled to Bainbridge, Georgia recently and visited the Spring Hill Farm and their month long October Fest. Every year the Spring Hill Farm opens its doors for the month of October for an amazing family friendly festival. From the Corn Cribb to the Pumpkin Chunker our family did it all.

The Barn

Get your pumpkins, big and small, at the Barn. The Barn is a great open barn space with pumpkins galore, a small concession stand, a photo booth, pumpkin painting, and the ticket boot.

Grab an Arm Band to enjoy many of the activities such as the pumpkin paining, the bounce house, a tractor pulled hay ride, and the corn maze.

The Hayride

A tractor pulled hayride will take you on a farm tour and will drop you off at the corn maze. Liam was really excited for the hayride and it’s one of my favorite Fall activities.

The Corn Maze

The corn maze is what we came for! Twisting, turning, dead ends, and a few turn arounds, but we made it to the end. Caution if you are coming with a stroller. We were warred that the maze was mostly tilled sand and it would be very hard to push a stroller. If I were to do it again, I would wear Nolan in a carrier. Don’t worry, it didn’t stop us from having fun.

The Corn Pool

The Corn Bibb, or corn pool like I call it, was the perfect activity for Nolan. They took a large metal basin and filled with with corn kernels! This was an awesome sensory activity that we could have spent the rest of the day doing.

The corn pool was also a great photo opportunity too! I could snap some pictures why the boys enjoyed themselves.

The Pumpkin Chunker

You heard that right…the Pumpkin Chunker is exactly what you’re thinking of but way better. Imagine a 20 foot tall, 1000 pound catapult that is hand assembled and cranked by a small battery.

You get to pick your own pumpkin to chunk, then stand back, and watch them gear up the catapult. If you are lucky you get to pull the leaver to release the catapult.

When released, be prepared to be amazed! The pumpkin will skyrocket upwards of 100 feet off the ground and will come to a crashing, smashing end. Check it out:

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