Travel Product Review: Busy Baby Mat

Our weekend adventures always have us on move and we try to pack our gear accordingly. The less stuff we take, the less hassle, and the more time we spend having fun!⠀I look for products that are multi-functional, that are healthy for my kids, easy to clean and to pack, and that make our lives easier. I recently was graciously gifted a Busy Baby Mat and it has checked all of of my travel product boxes.

The Busy Baby Mat came with us all weekend. It came with us to the farm and it snapped perfectly around Nolan’s stroller and it came with us to lunch where it amazingly suctioned to the table!

What is the Busy Baby Mat?

The Busy Baby Mat is just that, a placemat for all of the busy babies in our lives! It’s a durable 100% FDA food-grade silicone placemat. There are four suction cups on the outer corners of the mat so the mat can cling to almost any clean surface. Each mat comes with silicone tethers that securely attached to the mat and can hold on to almost anything your baby may need.⠀

How can you use the Busy Baby Mat?

The flexible silicone mat can be folded and rolled into almost any configuration. The suction cups can suction together to loop around something like the bar on a stroller or the handle of a grocery cart. The mat can act as a placemat by being suctioned to a clean table. Try it on a vertical glass surface for some extra fun!

Use the tethers to secure all of your babies favorite things! Secure a sippy cup, their favorite toys, a washable marker, and almost anything that the tether can fit around. Imagine not having to pick things up over-and-over a they stay germ free.

Is this product safe?

The product is 100% FDA-approved food-safe AND is always BPA, BPS, PVC, Lead and Phthalate free. Your kids can use this as a chew toy and you don’t have to worry about any contaminates or small lose parts.

Can you easily clean and pack the mat?

When you are done using the mat you throw all the pieces safely in the dishwasher and you can roll it up tightly in the travel sleeve. It fits perfectly in our diaper bag and will be traveling with us everywhere! ⠀

Just so you know, due to the properties of the food-safe silicone and static friction, there maybe a little dust that sticks to the suction cups. A simple wipe will clean it right up, no big deal!

Where can you get this product?

This product is made by an awesome #mompreneur !!! Go check out her story, show them some LOVE and buy yourself a Busy Baby Mat NOW and thank me later!!! Check out the link.

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