Family Friendly Glamping at Twin Lakes Camp Resort

Have you ever wanted to go camping but you’re not ready to rough it in the woods? Do you prefer the luxuries of a hotel to that of a tent? Do you love the thought of being outdoors but prefer air conditioning? Well, if you answered yes to any or all of these, then Glamping is for you!

Over the holiday weekend we were granted the opportunity to go glamping at the Twin Lakes Camp Resort in Defuniak Springs, Florida. We love the outdoors, traveling, and exploring nature but we have never been camping. This would be our families introduction to camping, but let me tell you, we will only go glamping from here on out!

Where can I go Glamping?

Funny you should ask, I know a place! The Twin Lakes Camp Resort is located a few miles off of I-10 in Defuniak Springs, Florida. If you are looking for a place to stop while on a road trip, or if you are looking for somewhere to relax and get away for a while, this is the place for you.

The Twin Lake Camp Resort is on 10 acres of wooded land that juts out in between Holley and King lakes. These twin lakes are mirrored across a dam that separates the two bodies of water and our tents were just on the other side of the dam. No cars are allowed on the glamping side of the park and you are given a large cart to bring your stuff over.

What is Glamping anyways?

Glamping is exactly what it sounds like…glamorous camping. Glamping is a luxurious camping experience with all of the amenities that you would find in the comfort of your home. Running hot water, showers, toilets that flush, air conditioning, lights, king sized beds…you get the idea…but do you really? Read below to see exactly what glamping is all about!

Let’s go Glamping

The Tent- Architecture

As an architectural designer, by profession, I could not wait to see the tent structure up close! Our tent was one of seven Eco Tents from Australia that are located on the property. Eco Tents are extremely sturdy structures made from an exposed steel frame, canvas walls with mesh openings, and a tensile rood structure. Each tent is raised off the ground and the floor plan is fully customizable. Our tent had a main sleeping room, a bunk room, a restroom pod and a front porch. All spaces use LVT (luxury vinyl tile) for a clean and modern look.

The Tent-Interior Amenities

Imagine sitting around the camp fire, roasting s’mores, while watching the sun set, and now you want to go inside, take a warm shower, and lay down in a comfortable bed. This is glamping.

The main room is off of the front porch. There is a king size bed, night stands, a small storage trunk, luxurious bedding, and a cozy rug. The tent has its own air conditioning unit, fan and LED lights. See those lamps? They are retrofitted LED lamps that are made from 100 year old Coleman lanterns.

No details were left untouched. Notice all of the hand crafted details. All of the furniture was made locally by the family who owns the resort. In the other room there was a set of bunk beds where Liam slept and there was adequate room to set up Nolan’s Pack n’Play. But, it doesn’t stop there…they even provide a large dog kennel for your four legged children!

The amenities keep coming…the kitchenette has a small refrigerator, microwave and a Keurig. A small utility sink is conveniently used for the kitchenette and restroom. Restroom, you heard me right, these glamping tents are equipped with running water, InstaHot water heaters, a full shower, and a properly flushing toilet. No using a hole and a leaf on this camping trip!

What else is there to do?

The camp resort is full of wonderful onsite amenities. Our favorites were the pool, Activity Center and the General Store. The pool was perfect for a hot afternoon swim and they offered a kid friendly craft in the activity center. We also loved visiting the General Store, it had great souvenirs, candy, snacks, and some camping essentials.

What to bring with you?

They have most of the large items taken care of but you still need to bring your own stuff. Here is a list of what’s included and and idea of what you need to bring:


  • Bed linens a towels (pillows and blankets)
  • Cooler for drinks
  • (2) lounge porch chairs, (2) small folding chairs, (1) hanging swing
  • Fire Pit & grill pan (fire woo is available from the office for a small price)
  • Large metal wagon for transportation across the dam
  • Toilet paper and paper towels

Bring from Home:

  • All cooking items (pans, utensisl, Tin foil, soap) Cooking can be done on the fire pit, a grill pan is included
  • Plates,cups, and utensils
  • All food and food prep items (food, drinks, ice, spices, condiments)
  • Additional trash bags
  • Pool towels
  • Kids items (pack n’play, games, toys, strollers) I suggest bringing your own wagon to get around with.

Until Next Time…

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay and we will be back. The resort was perfectly family friendly, the glamping tent was everything I dreamed it would be, the grounds were kept pristine, and staff was out of this world amazing!

This trip was sponsored, but I am here to tell you that all accounts of our trip are completely heartfelt and truthful. Please check their website for additional and up to date information.

Watch our glamping journey!

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8 thoughts on “Family Friendly Glamping at Twin Lakes Camp Resort

  1. This is awesome. I could NEVER do traditional camping! But this I can do! My husband always talks about going camping and I look at him like he has two heads! I will suggest Twin Lakes to him!


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