A Date Night in Thomasville, Georgia

When the stars align and we are granted the opportunity to have a date night, we do it in a big fashion (especially when grandma is in town and we don’t have to pay a babysitter). The opportunity only comes around every so often and when it does I love getting dressed up and making a whole experience of our date night.

Liam's Restaurant in Thomasville Georgia

We decided to drive about an hour north across the state border into Georgia to one off our favorite cities, Thomasville. Thomasville has a pure southern charm, with an iconic brick lined histrionic main street, quaint little shops and restaurants, twinkling lights in the windows and the perfect atmosphere for an evening lovers stroll.

Here are a few of our favorite places for a date night in Thomasville, Ga.

Farmers Daughter Vineyard & Tasting Room

Clink, Clink!

We started our night off at the Farmers Daughter Vineyards & Tasting Room for a glass of their locally grown Georgia wine. I was in the mood for something lite and refreshing and Paul typically goes for something a bit more dry and robust.

I had the Saltwater Gypsy, which is the perfect summer blush with notes of watermelon, strawberries and a crisp citrus tang at the end. Paul went a bit darker with the Knockout, a pinot nior style red wine that was a little sweet and a little spicy (much like his date). I tried both wines and I really loved the Knockout and we made sure to bring a bottle home with us.

Cheers to Southern Charm!

Ambiance is everything to me, the look, the feel, how things are displayed and organized, and above all the architecture and design. The Tasting Room has the perfect mix of rustic southern charm mixed with a clean modern farmhouse style. It’s housed in a beautiful historic brick building so there isn’t much that has to be done to pull out the charm.

The wood lined walls accent the creaky original hardwood floors and simple farmhouse pendants highlight the rustic wooden bar. Their inventory is neatly displayed over the bar and along the perimeter walls and showcase some other local samplings.

Wine with the Family

I love their attention to making this a family friendly establishment. They have large, comfortable family style seating options along with a few two-top tables and bar stools. They offer board games for you to take back to your table and a dartboard if you’re in the mood.

To help with the acoustic of the space the owners have done a wonderful job using upcycled heart pine, custom cushions and even corks being layered into the walls. They even have live music on certain weekends!

Liam’s Restaurant & Cheese Shop

Liam’s Restaurant in Thomasville is one of our absolute favorite places for a special dinner. We have been coming here for well over six years before we had our very own Liam (it may be why we like it so much). I can remember being only a few months pregnant, sitting on that very bench in this photo, and talking to Paul about potential names for our son. The name Liam crept onto our list and stayed as the front-runner until he was born, that date was meant to be.

The proper way to start your meal at Liam’s is with one of their signature cocktails. They put a unique twist on your average cocktail. Looking over their extensive drink menu I was intrigued by their house bottled cocktails. Each cocktail is served in a small glass bottle and capped like a bottled beer, fizzing when opened. I was drawn to the Mohita and it was perfection, I will be recreating it!

Ok, I lied, the absolute best way to start your meal is with a cheese board and charcuterie. Liam’s is known for their assortment of local meats and cheeses. Spread beautifully on a wooden board, the meats and cheeses are accompanied by house pickled vegetables and the best salted honey that I’ve ever eaten. I could survive on meats and cheese alone!

We were too busy talking and enjoying ourselves and I forgot to take photos of our dinner, but needles to say, it was all phenomenal.

All in the Details

Farmer’s Daughter Vineyard & Tasting Room

106 North Broad Street
Thomasville, GA 31792

Tuesday — Thursday 12 – 3 PM  +  5 – 8 PM / Friday + Saturday 11 AM – 9 PM / Sunday 1 – 4 PM


​Liam’s Restaurant & Cheese Shop

113 E Jackson St, Thomasville, GA 31792

​Lunch: 11 AM Saturday / Dinner: Tuesday – Saturday 5:30 – 9 PM (Check their website for other times and events)


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