5 “Must Do” Things at the Terry Bison Ranch

On our recent trip to Denver we were looking for a unique one-of-a-kind family friendly experience. Upon some research, the Terry Bison Ranch in Southeastern Wyoming seemed to be the perfect combination of adventure and family friendly activities. The Terry Bison Ranch is a “Must Do” in Southeastern Wyoming. †

One: Eat a Bison Burger at The Senator’s Steakhouse

Our stomachs were grumbling when we arrived to the ranch and before starting the tour we knew a meal from the Senator’s Steakhouse was in order. This saloon style restaurant and bar was uniquely decorated with western artifacts, wagon wheel chandeliers, a dance floor and large family-style tables.

Yes, we had a beer and Liam had some screen time before we got our meals.

The friendly staff offered Liam a coloring page with crayons and Nolan a clean high chair. The Kids Meal was plentiful and very reasonably priced. For the adults, they carried cold local brews and the biggest Bison Burgers that I’ve ever seen and gracious was it delicious (fork, bib and steak knife required)!

Two: Take a Ride on America’s Only Bison Train

“America’s Only Bison Train”…this definitely caught my attention with a bit of wonder and skepticism of not knowing what to expect. Upon arriving and much to my surprise the Bison Train was much more than I expected.

Boarding the Bison Train

After paying the fee (Adults $14.00 | Ages 4-12 $7.00 | 3 and under FREE) and getting our tickets we boarded the custom built train.

There are over 6 different types of locomotives in operation including a dining car, an open air car and an enclosed car for the cooler months. We traveled in the larger enclosed car that was equipped with bench seating and large operable doors and windows. Each car is handicapped accessible with a ramped access.

This car was perfectly family friendly with room for the entire family and lots of room to walk around (when stopped). I suggest not bring a stroller for this tour and a carrier may be better suited. We opted to carry Nolan (10 months) and it was perfectly fine.

Three: Hand Feed a Bison Heard

The start of the Bison Train tour leads you on a guided path through the ranch and past many of the other animals on site. The ranch is home to horses, goats, cows, free roaming peacocks and many others. But the Bison are what most people come for.

Out tour guide was extremely knowledgeable about the Bison and was able to give us unique stories about each of the Bison. As the train approached the heard one by one the Bison started towards the train. They knew it was feeding time.

Special feed pellets are made specifically for the Bison and they seem to love these treats. Stick your hand out the window and be prepared for an up-close encounter with these majestic creatures! Don’t worry, hand sanitizer was available.

Amazingly, the female Bison to the left of the picture was in very active, end stages of labor and was hoping to birth the calf later that day.

Four: Visit the Terry Trading Post

A trip to the Terry Bison Ranch is not complete until you visor the Terry Trading Post. This spot is perfect to pick up locally made souvenirs, fresh bison meat and cold snacks for the top back home. One of my favorite things to collect for souvenirs are Christmas ornaments. I made sure to pick out a felt made Bison ornament to commemorate our visit.

Don’t forget to take a Selfie in front of the brightly colored “western village” faux facade.

Five: Enjoy the Many Other Activities Offered

Make sure to visit the many other replica things that the ranch has to offer. Depending on the time of year you can go horseback riding or see the large Bison heard on ATVs.

Feel like you haven’t seen everything? Spend the night at one of their campsite. Check the links to the Terry Bison Ranch and the Senator’s Steakhouse for more information.

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