5 Family Friendly Day-Trips in Colorado with Kids

Every year,or more, we try to go on an epic family adventure and this year we packed up Nolan (10 months old) and Liam (5 years old) and headed west! We had one week in Colorado and using Denver as our home base, we set off to spend a jammed packed 5 days seeing everything that Colorado had to offer and beyond. From breweries, to bison, up mountains, to baseball, brunch, trains, elk and it even snow in May!

Each day we set off for a different adventure within 2 hours driving time from Denver. Pack your bags and join us as we explore Colorado.

Colorado Family Day -Trip #1: Denver to Wyoming- Bison, Beer and Twin Silos

Day one we ventured north from Denver to Wyoming, to the state capital of Cheyenne. Stopping at the beautiful Wyoming Visitors Center, venturing into downtown Cheyenne, seeing the Wyoming State Capitol Building, stopping in the Cheyenne Depot for a quick craft beer at the Accomplice Beer Company and ending our morning at the Terry Bison Ranch.

In the afternoon we moved south from Cheyenne to Fort Collins with craft beer on our minds. We first stopped at Odell Brewery for a few flights and then moved on to New Belgium Brewery to top us off. We rounded out our adventure at the Twin Silos Park to let the boys burn off some steam.

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Colorado Family Day Trip #2: Denver to Red Rocks, Dinosaurs and a Golden Afternoon

On day two we started our morning off with a warm, fluffy, smothered biscuit from the Denver Biscuit Company. Needing to work off our breakfast we traveled west of Denver to climb the steps of the Red Rocks Amphitheater. Later our junior archaeologist used his magnifying glass and compass to explore Dino Ridge. We then ended our day with an impromptu afternoon in the quaint city of Golden and with a nightcap at the Falling Rock Tap House.

Click here for more details about our Day 2 adventures!


Have one or two “main events” planned each day but don’t loose sight of spontaneity.
Let the road lead you and be open to the unplanned.

Colorado Family Day-Trip #3: 1 Day in Denver with Kids

After going north to Wyoming and west to Red Rocks, we decided to stay put in Denver for the day. As hard as it is for us to stay in one place, it was a much needed day without a ton of travel. We toured the Capitol building, ate at Snooze Eatery, toured Coors Field, used our imagination at the Denver Children’s Museum and had an evening brew at a Beer Garden.

Click here for more details about our Day 3 adventures!


Schedule a day to take a break from from all of that traveling.
Park the car and walk around the city.

Colorado Family Day-Trip #4: Denver to Colorado Springs- Architecture, Gorge and Gods.

On day 4 we packed up and headed south towards Colorado Springs. We stopped by the Air Force Cadet Chapel (more architecture geeking-out) for an early morning glimpse of the chapel. Later that afternoon we boarded a lunch-time train on the Royal Gorge and we had a magical ending to the day at the Garden of the Gods.

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Colorado Family Day Trip #5: Denver to Rocky Mountain National, Park- Peak to Peak, elk and a frozen lake.

Day 5 we took the scenic route from Denver into RMNP via the Peak to Peak Highway. Not knowing what to expect, we packed for the unexpected and boy did we get that! Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined Elk walking freely through town, being the only people for miles and miles and SNOW in MAY (we’re from Florida, snow in May is unheard of)!

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17 thoughts on “5 Family Friendly Day-Trips in Colorado with Kids

  1. Nice write up. As a Denver resident I can say that you really packed in a great tour of Denver and the Front Range. Impressive that you did all of that with kids!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was so much fun! I really liked Odell. It was a bit less commercial than New Belgium and their patio was really nicely set up. They also had a dedicated space with yard games for the kids!


  2. Love this! We’ve actually been considering a trip to Colorado, so this came at a perfect time! Thank you!


  3. Sounds like it was a wonderful trip! I went on a family trip to Colorado Springs years back with my parents and siblings and it was one of our most memorable & fun vacations!


  4. See, this is awesome. My husband and I are going to sell our dream home (4 bedrooms, lots of space both inside and out) because we’re living paycheck to paycheck. We have no money to even get our kids (5 & 2) in activities. Seeing your pictures out, experiencing life with your kids, makes me feel like this is the right thing to do.


  5. So beautiful. We visited Breckenridge in the Winter and I can’t wait to go back to Colorado during the fall or summer to see it differently!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. We live in colorado and I love Snooze but can never convince my husband to go there any more because the wait is always so long! I think it’s worth the wait.
    Thanks for writing about dinosaur ridge, it sounds like fun!

    Liked by 1 person

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